Global GreenChem Innovation and Network and Program (GGINP) started in Serbia

On May 3, 2023, the opening meeting of the “Global GreenChem Innovation and Network and Program (GGINP)” project was held. Representatives of the Center for Cleaner Production, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Fund for Innovation Activities, representatives of the economy and the academic sector discussed the goals and activities that need to be implemented during the six-year program, basing the discussion on how to achieve a greener industry, create a global community that promotes # sustainability and find ways to commercialize green solutions.
The project “Global #Greenchem Innovation and Network Program – #GGINP” aims to strengthen the sound management of industrial chemicals and their waste through better control, reduction, and/or elimination of waste, and especially to strengthen solutions #GreenChemistry for persistent organic pollutants (#POPs chemicals), #microplastics and #mercury replacement through capacity building, #innovation and the creation of a global green chemistry network that promotes visibility of this concept and support for implementation.
Funded by #GEF/UNIDO, the project is led by Yale University (USA), where the concept of green chemistry was born, whose creator is Yale University professor Dr. Paul Anastas, also involved in the project. In addition to the USA, the project is implemented in Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, Serbia, Uganda, and Ukraine.