Introduction of raw material efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) in companies

The Cleaner Production Centre offers assistance in introducing the RECP concept in companies. This methodology provides activities that allow significant savings with rather small investments.

Raw material efficiency and cleaner production implies applying the pollution prevention principle at the very source of its occurrence by replacing the classic solutions to waste treatment at the very end of the production process.

The results of the introduction of cleaner production are savings, reduced environmental impact and better compliance with legislation.

The introduction of the RECP system is a conscious and voluntary decision of a company to replace classic requirements while achieving competitiveness and productivity with the principle of preventing and reducing the generated waste streams.

Its effects are:

  • More rational use of raw materials, water and energy,
  • Reduction of production costs,
  • Reduction of waste and emissions,
  • Increase of productivity level and better product quality,
  • Creating a company that will be environment-friendly.

The cleaner production principles are based on three modules:

MODULE 1: Workshops

The workshops attend members of the company team and they last 1 to 2 working days and are held every month.

MODULE 2: Advice for resolving the chosen problem

In the period between workshops, experts work with the company team to collect data, define problems, find options for improvements and asses their evaluation and application.

MODEULE 3: Establishing the elements of effective environment management system

Consultants assist in the establishment of RECP systems, advise on how to better use existing environment protection management systems, as well as management systems (ISO 9001 and 14001).

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