Chemical leasing

Chemical leasing is a business model where chemical suppliers sell the functions of a chemical, rather than its quantity. The result of applying this model is more efficient use of chemicals and reduced risk associated with their use, as well as the protection of human health.

There is a worldwide experience in applying models in a large number of industrial sectors and agriculture.

Our Centre is a world leader in introducing this business model in companies. Applying this model reduces costs and complies with laws in the field of chemical management and environment protection in general.

If you are engaged in the following activities:

  • Application of coatings,
  • Application of industrial and motor oils,
  • Application of chemicals in the metal processing industry,
  • Mining, Casting, Electroplating,
  • Degreasing and Washing processes,
  • Wastewater treatments,
  • Application of disinfectants in health, food and cosmetic industries,
  • Application of biocides, and many other areas.

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