Locations:  Serbia
Duration:24 months(01. 2008. – 12. 2009.)
Client: Carnex, Knjaz Miloš, IMLEK Group, Babmi-Banat a.d, Štark a.d, Sojaprotein a.d, Zvezda-Helios, Tarket d.o.o, Maxima LTD, DES, Agrosava, Galeb Metaloplastika, Želvoz, Metalac dishes d.o.o, Hipol a.d, Galenika a.d, Fabrika hartije Beograd, Kartonval d.o.o, Goša FOM a.d, Rumaplast a.d.

Project task:

  • Workshops for company representatives
  • Collection of data on material, water and energy consumption, the amount of waste generated
  • Analysis of material flows
  • Analysis of energy flow
  • RECP production plant assessments
  • Defining CP options (technical, economic and environmental evaluation)

Project description:

Implementation of cleaner production in 20 Serbian companies – in plant evaluation; analysis of existing practice and comparison with relevant BAT; defining CP options (technical, economic and environmental evaluation); reporting and action planning for the implementation of identified CP options; CP training for national consultants and company representatives on cleaner production, control, benchmarking, material flow analysis, energy analysis and environmental legislation.